The Eaddo and Peter D Kiernan Lectures

Tuesday July 30, 2019 4:00 PM


Lea C. Stephenson, Research Fellow

Emilio Ruiz, Research Fellow


$ 10.00


“To Gratify the Eye with Color:” Newport’s Leaded Glass and the Aesthetic Movement

Lea C. Stephenson, Research Fellow

Newport’s nineteenth-century artistic interiors incorporated the brilliant effects of stained glass. Lea C. Stephenson discusses leaded glass found in early McKim, Mead & White interiors from the Aesthetic Movement, including the Kingscote dining room and Isaac Bell House.


Venture Cargo: Newport Furniture Exports to the West Indies in the 18th Century

Emilio Ruiz, Research Fellow

The 18th century marked a golden era for furniture making in Newport, which was a manufacturing center for numerous products and had one of the busiest harbors in the Colonies. Newport’s merchants were skillful traders, many of whom were engaged in the triangle trade. This lecture will explore the figures who embraced such enterprises.  

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